Now You Can Know Where The Slot Is And How It Will Give You Magic In Your Golf Swing!


I can’t trust I have missed revealing to you about this one vital golf instructional move.

I have evaded surrounding it throughout recent years, yet a genuine encounter has shown me that even the frequently discussed golf swing move can be made to sound exceptionally convoluted.

I need to un-confound the ” sorcery move.” If you need to hit the golf ball with power and keep up incredible points through sway you need to do this one move accurately.

So here it will be, it’s the SLOT.

It is the one spot that the slot club totally should go to get a decent way and approach on the golf ball. It is the thing that Harvey Penick discussed in his ” Little Red Book ”

It’s what Ben Hogan wouldn’t discuss in view of the wonderment of his incredible golf swing. Furthermore, the repressed mystery of his enchantment move. Kinda interesting at this point.

It’s the SLOT.

To start with, we should settle on sure we are 100% in understanding that there will never be only one move in a golf swing that takes care of the multitude of issues. There are a couple of moves that should be done to try and consider improvement. This is one of those moves, kindly don’t imagine that it will fix all. It will not.

However, it will go far to ensuring you make perhaps the main moves in the swing. In the event that you can get the club in ” the opening” on your down swing you have a magnificent possibility of connecting at sway. What’s more, the outcomes will be genuinely stunning.

So here goes, focus. Clarifying this won’t simple. Taking the action will be simpler.

I was playing a round a few days ago and found that I just was not hitting the ball with that fresh strong inclination. The ball was not responding admirably and I was askew a few and it simply didn’t feel right. I played like canine poo the entire day. I was unable to stand by to get to the reach.

It required two days before I got to the reach to manage the swing. I regularly figure out that if some time passes by I will have very little to do to fix what is down and out.

Not the case this time. Same thing. It just didn’t feel right. Furthermore, the ball was as yet not responding admirably by any means.

I generally return to nuts and bolts first. Grasp, set-up, arrangement, points, etc.

Check, check, check !

Nothing! Presently I’m stressed. Helpless contact awful equilibrium. Was that a shank? Ooooooh man !

Sentiments ? Baffled, stressed, stunned and astounded, distraught, befuddled, getting madder, more disappointed, I advise myself to get over it and get serious, and I do, yet not without as yet being exceptionally furious inside.

Since I feel that my backswing is consistently the equivalent, I will in general glance at the down move first.

I like to take it to the top and afterward gradually work the club into the different places that I feel are vital to my ( and your ) golf swing. Right to effect and afterward to wrap up.

Moderate ! Furthermore, I don’t hit a ball. I use it as an update concerning where the club should go and where my body parts should be working together with the club.

Unexpectedly, I notice that I could really see the ” SLOT.”


Perhaps I need to both see it and feel it.

So I started to deal with ensuring that the club got into the opening. I utilized little swings, short backswing, into the space and hit. I dropped my correct elbow straight into the front of my turned right hip bone. Not behind it, rather before it, I really attempted to brush my elbow into that bone on the facade of my correct hip.

This works……….. what’s more, it fixed my condition for the occasion.

So where is the opening, precisely?

Attempt this: get in a decent set up position. Presently draw a fanciful line from the front of the ball, back through the ball to your privilege ( not for lefties) and for anyway far you need the line to go.

You ought to be standing corresponding to this line. That is your toes, your knees, your hips, and your chest and shoulders ought to be corresponding to this line.

Would you be able to imagine the line?

On the off chance that you can, presently observe the relationship of your correct hip and the line, and your correct shoulder and the line. It is especially significant that you note the distance that currently exists from the line to these body focuses.


On the off chance that you get this, you will take note of that there is close to rise to remove from the line to these body parts.

Presently turn your correct shoulder as though in a backswing, as you do this, your correct hip will turn not exactly your shoulder however turn by and by.


Now…………. Note the new separation from the line to your correct shoulder and you right hip.

This new distance, the region between the line and your correct hip and right shoulder while transformed into the backswing is ” THE SLOT ”

Presently, to demonstrate this to yourself, attempt this.

Take a set up position with a club like a 8 iron. Without bowing your arms, get the club toward your chest, simply utilize your hands as it were. Try not to twist your arms up not the slightest bit. The club ought to be at close to resemble to the ground.

It doesn’t need to be great. In any case, don’t twist your arms.

Presently turn your shoulders to one side as though in a backswing and let the club go with you. You should turn enough so the club is as yet corresponding to the ground and now corresponding to the line.

Recollect the line, isn’t that so?

The area of the club now in this new position is ” THE SLOT”

The club should experience this precise situation on your downswing, each and every time from here on out. Do what ever it takes to ensure it arrives.

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