Opt in Boxes: How to Create a Killer Opt In Box to Skyrocket Your Online Profits

The presence of an opt in box is essential if you are trying to build an email list. The characteristics of your box must be well thought through if it is going to be effective and capture the names and email addresses of those who you wish to communicate with.

If you don’t get your opt in box right, you can’t make any money!

Building an email list is a central strategy employed by effective internet marketers and is the cornerstone of any online affiliate marketer’ business. Building a list is essential because it enables you to gather the contact details of people who you know are interested in a particular niche. You are then able to build a relationship with these people and start to promote your affiliate products to people who are targeted and already interested. It has been a long held belief and principle amongst internet marketers that “The money is in the list” and this holds true today. Without an email list you are without a target audience and you can’t promote your products. If you can’t promote your products then you can’t make any money. This is why it is so important to get your email capture box just right.

How to position your opt in box.

Many people seem to be confused about where to put their opt in (lead capture/ email capture) box. Most internet marketers would probably agree that the best place to put your email capture box is on the right hand side of your website, not at the bottom or on the left hand side. I can’t tell you why this is better but in one split test it wad found that putting the มวยออนไลน์ on the right hand side of the page increased opt ins by 30%! This means that if you were putting your box anywhere else, you could be losing out on potential future customers just by making this one simple mistake. Don’t let yourself be one of the unlucky ones.

How to design your opt in box.

As you browse the internet you will doubtless come across a thousand and one lead capture boxes, all with their own unique appearance. Some will be flashy whilst some will be plain. Is this the result of the authors’ preferences or of their ineptitude at getting it right. Sometimes you will see a box that seems to be totally out of place.

When designing your box, you should choose a design that is in keeping with the style of your website. Try to avoid colours that clash with the theme of your own website in order to prevent it looking like it should belong elsewhere. A person is more likely to use your email capture box if it clearly relates to the outstanding content that you are providing on your website.

Other design aspects of the opt in box.

In addition to the above, there are other aspects of your opt in box to consider. These include the font, the size, the shape, any symbols such as arrows and the content of the text. Your choice of font will be a personal preference but try not to use one that is not in keeping with the other text in your website or it will once again look like it is out of place. Consider the size of your box when you are designing it because if you make it too big it may not fit into your widget sidebar and if it is too small it won’t necessarily attract enough attention and you won’t get many opt ins. Will your lead capture box be hard and sharp or curvy and cuddly? Most people go for a standard boxy shape but there is no harm in opting for a more zany shape as long as it does not take away from the focus of your aim to capture their email address and doesn’t obscure the data capture fields.

You have just learned why an opt in box is important and how to design it to maximise opt ins.

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